Academy Refund Policy

Academy Refund Policy

Weightless wants you to be 100% satisfied with our education programs inside the Weightless Academy. The reason we give our students two weeks of access to the first four lessons is so you can see if the program meets your expectations. If you continue the series past the first four lessons, we will contact you with a link to enter your credit or debit card information. Once you do that, you will automatically be billed $21 U.S. monthly. You may cancel your subscription at any time. There are no contracts or obligations to continue with us if you change your mind.
In the spirit of full transparency, we want you to know your credit card information is kept secure and confidential, stored through our merchant account gateways. No one can see or obtain your credit card numbers or information, including us or those running the merchant gateways. Only the computer system can see what to charge the card.
Weightless does not ask for your credit card when registering for the free classes. We do this for several reasons. First, the merchant account gateways are irritatingly picky and don’t like to run refunds if they don’t have to. By doing it this way, there is significantly less chance of bugging the merchant gateway with refunds. That helps you check out the classes while keeping your money. It helps us not be blacklisted by the merchant accounts for too many refunds. Alas, this is how the merchant accounts work, like it or not (We don’t like it.).

A “Thanks” to our subscribers!
So, congratulations, you just completed your first two weeks and four lessons with us. You like what you saw and decide to go forward. You put in your debit or credit card, and bam, you gain access to the next set of lessons. We thank you for your trust in us- we don’t take that lightly. The $21 you pay monthly helps us to keep building and improving the Academy for our students. Keep in mind, that will happen each month until you say otherwise. Let’s say two months in, you have to stop the madness. Something has gone awry in life, and halfway through the month, you must allocate the $21 Academy funds elsewhere. We understand, life happens. Here is what you do:

What happens if you change your mind and want your dough back?

  • If you pay your $21 and request a refund before the 21st day of your initial charge, we will refund you the $21. If you request your refund after you have been in the Academy for more than 21 days of your 30-day period, there is no refund. (We gotta draw the line somewhere.)
  • If you are owed a refund or are requesting a refund, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]. Yes, we will undoubtedly watch this email and answer you promptly.
  • In the email, please share your name and email address with us. We will look you up from there and check the charge date that you paid for the course. We will process the refund if your request was during your first 21 days of the 30-day time frame. If you are unsure you have been in the Academy for 21 days, Weightless will check and let you know your eligibility. If a refund is due, of course, we will send you the dough. But you’re not gonna make our merchant account peeps very happy!

How to Cancel Your Account:
If you are over the 21-day window and still need to stop the $21 charge for the next month, log into your Academy account and look for the Cancel My Subscription button in the bottom right corner of the main Academy page. We don’t hide the button, but we certainly don’t want you to quit learning. So when you mash that “Cancel” button, we are going to ask you why -on God’s green earth- you are canceling such an excellent opportunity to learn about money?

Please give us some feedback, will ya? Weightless works our a** (you-know-what) off to make the classes amazing. Did we do something wrong? Did we not provide enough info? Did you stay long enough to see how incredible the over 100 lessons are? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box. Then we will cancel you, although we will be sad about it. One last thing: we don’t hold grudges, so you can return and restart anytime. We will hold your place for you! Thanks for being a part of Weightless Academy; come back anytime.
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