Does your
subconscious influence
your financial journey?

Start resolving money challenges by understanding how personal behaviors and actions can affect your income.

With the Money Mindset course you will:

Gain a deeper understanding of how your thoughts and behaviors impact your financial outcomes.

Develop a new perspective that opens your mind to alternative methods of earning, using, saving, and creating Cash Flow.

Achieve healthy money habits, to secure long-term financial well-being and pave the way for a prosperous future.

Main objectives of the course:

Have you ever considered how your thinking, behavior and actions subconsciously influence the way you use your income? The Weightless Academy will have you reconsidering your daily and even long-term behaviors with money, gently transitioning you into thinking differently and even long-term behaviors with money, gently transitioning you into thinking differently about how you earn, use, save, and create Cash Flow.

What do you learn?

  • Learn to improve your conscious decisions and behaviors with your money.
  • Learn to change your thinking, so you will no longer make unconscious decisions that impact your long-term MoneyLife™.
  • Learn to change negative financial behaviors that cause you financial harm over the long term.

What happens after I
register for the first month?

Each Weightless anchor has three courses; Novice, Advanced, and Graduate. Each phase takes you deeper into becoming savvy with your income- helping you become a Money Magnet™. We’re here to help you learn, not gouge your bank account. Our price is always affordable; $21 a month, per person, no contract, cancel anytime. Get your first 4 lessons for free!

What is Financial Literacy?
Simply stated, it is learning how money works. Then, applying that financial information to your own financial behavior and decision making. Join the Weightless Academy, get started on a fresh path to financial success; increase your Money Know-How!

Keep Going With Our Money Know-How Course.

You Increase the chances of achieving
financial success with Money Know-How.

Learn strategies that can generate more
income than expenses.

You acquire tools and insights that can
enhance your financial decision-making.

Main course objectives :

Money Know-How will pass on valuable information that you may not be aware of. Consider the information a type of “factual finance;” providing you with knowledge and tools you may not know.
You’ll learn to associate the core values of your life while integrating the SMART process (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Based). Applying SMART with your Money Know-How & your core values increases your ability to live a balanced and successful MoneyLife.

What can you learn?

Money Know-How gives you the tools to understand the best ways to increase your income & build wealth.

What is the next step after this course?

Now that you have completed the Money Know-How course, it's time to take the next step towards financial success with Anchor #3: Cash Flow Creation™ .


Currently, there are no prerequisites. Our educational content is available in English. However, in the near future, our entire Website and our Academy curriculum will have Spanish language support.
Absolutely! We would love to see our young adults learning about finance. We are excited to announce that we have plans to develop a comprehensive High School program with dedicated lessons. We have an array of exciting initiatives in mind. Anyone over the age of 15 can benefit from these lessons.

Currently, our curriculum is being released gradually, with a few lessons becoming available each week. However, as we continue to develop and expand our course offerings, learners will have the flexibility to binge-learn and engage with multiple courses at their own pace.

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