Become a money magnet- learn how to attract financial opportunity into your life.

Delve into a wide range of topics designed to enhance your money-making and wealth-growing abilities.

With Money Magnet course:

You pave the way to attract more financial opportunities into your life.

You get a new outlook on money management and understand how to utilize your income effectively.

You learn proven methods to generate wealth and maximize your financial potential.

Main objectives of the course:

By going through the first four courses, you can gain a fresh perspective on money management. Learn effective strategies to grow your wealth, increase your cash flow, eliminate debts, and start building your financial freedom.

As you accumulate more money, you’ll discover new opportunities to reach your financial goals. Unlock your potential as a Money Magnet™ and attract greater financial opportunity.

What do you learn?

  • How to make and retain more money, ultimately leading you towards achieving millionaire status.
  • How to unlock the secrets of financial abundance and take your wealth-building journey to the next level.

What is the next step
after this course?

Now that you have completed the Money Magnet™ course, it's time to take the final step towards financial stability with Lesson six: MoneyLife™.

Master Your Money,
Master Your Life: The ultimate financial transformation

With The MoneyLife course:

You empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to make confident financial decisions.

You develop a personalized plan for wealth accumulation and management.

You significantly improve your future financial outlook.

Main objectives of the course:

MoneyLife is defined as how you live and function with the income or financial assets accumulated over your lifetime. Whether you are starting at the age of 20 or you are 60, you are living a MoneyLife™.

By bringing all the lessons together and implementing these changes, you will now have the plan to grow and accumulate wealth, improving your MoneyLife™ over time.

What do you learn?

  • What growing wealth means, the changes and responsibilities of having greater wealth.
  • How to manage the changes in your life as your wealth increases.

What is the next step
after this course?

Now, move to our advanced and graduate programs where we show you how to really start building wealth. You want to change your MoneyLife™ don't you? Let's get started!


The primary focus of our program is to equip you with practical knowledge that you can immediately apply to your life. Rather than providing certificates that end up forgotten on walls, our goal is for you to walk away with valuable information that you can actively utilize in your financial journey.
Weightless pays attention to the finance industry and the pulse of America’s personal finances. The purpose of the Academy is to provide a simple process for anyone to learn about money management. The subject is more complex than most people understand. So our goal was to create a simplified system that allows everyone a fair chance of learning what they need to know to find a successful and balanced MoneyLife. Go to our registration page and get started today!
In our program, we view assignments in a different light. Rather than traditional tasks, we provide opportunities for you to actively learn about the world of finance through our five anchors. The Academy anchors break finance into five areas that you can use in everyday life. Together, we will strategize and plan your path to a successful and balanced MoneyLife™. Your real assignment is achieving lasting financial success, and we are here to support you.
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