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Debt and ignorance are not bliss. Not knowing prevents financial success and keeps people in a continual cycle of financial distress.

Is this you? What are you going to do about it? 

The Weightless goal is to understand your situation, educate you, and allow you to choose what’s best for your financial future.

What to expect
from Weightless:

  • Assess your financial situation with Weightless: Gain insights into how to live debt-free and to keep the money that you earn by having a professional evaluate your financial situation during the free consultation.
  • Create a Debt Management Plan: Let Weightless help you create a plan, working with experienced, trained professionals that can develop a path to your wealth accumulation and debt free life.
  • Gain Financial Literacy: If you want make good decisions then you need to make informed decisions, allow us to help you with that.

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Imagine a MoneyLife™ where you don’t owe anyone and the only person you have to pay is yourself!

Click on our Calculator to see how you can quickly cut your debts and reduce the time it takes to be free from creditors.

Make every penny count towards a successful and rewarding MoneyLife™. See how you can quickly cut your debts and reduce the time it takes to be free from creditors. Imagine a MoneyLife™ where you don’t owe anyone and the only person you have to pay is yourself!

Is your income paying everyone but you? Select the areas you have debt, combine the amounts owed and enter the total monthly payment you’re making now. Select how quickly you want out of debt, and then compare your payment and term to the results in the calculator. With Weightless, we can teach you national options available that can reduce your debt, your payment, and the amount of time you have to pay. Set an Appointment with us to learn the details.

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changes in your MoneyLife™

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What Makes Us Different?

We prioritize integrity, and ensure accuracy in all our offerings.

We take accountability seriously. We respect the trust our clients place in us and take responsibility for our teachings, words, actions, and behavior.

Our educational principles, empowering you to thrive.

We believe knowledge is the foundation of good decisions. We provide the information you need to make sound choices.

You can explore Debt Relief
with no obligation.

Take advantage of a no-cost opportunity to explore ways to increase your cash flow and reduce your debt obligations.

Real Stories, Real Results: hear from our satisfied clients!

Justin enrolled $30,000 of credit card debt. He was 2 months late and paying $1,287 to service the debt.

His new contract amount is $15,420, with a new payment of $644.50 with no high-interest charges.

Paul had $177,766 in student loans paying 400 per month.

Paul enrolled in a D.O.E. program with a new payment of $262.08. Three months later, his loans were forgiven by the D.O.E. Paul didn't know these programs were available.

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