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About Weightless

That is an excellent question with a big answer:
  • In 2023, more than two-thirds of Americans — 68 percent — say they’re worried they won’t be able to cover their living expenses for just one month if they lose their primary source of income. Millions of people live paycheck-to-paycheck and carry significant debt. Where can you go to learn the information you need to better balance and manage your MoneyLife™.
We invite you to register for the Weightless Academy. A fun-to-use, easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand series of lessons that can significantly improve your ability to reach a balanced and successful MoneyLife™. With over 100 five-minute lessons available, it’s the perfect place to learn a little piece of financial heaven each week. Your first two weeks (4 lessons) are free! After that, improve your chances for a successful MoneyLife at $21 monthly. No contracts, no obligation, stop or start at any time.
  • The Academy is just the start. Weightless has an expansive network of resources, products, and programs that can fast-track your ability to start accumulating assets and building wealth. Over ninety million Americans carry $21,000+ of unsecured debt, 45 million carry $1.7 trillion in student loans, and 83 million are saddled with $12 trillion in mortgages. Did you know 100 million people have car payments and 50% of Americans (aged 55 to 66) have ZERO retirement savings¹ How prepared are you with your MoneyLife™.?
With a simple phone call, Weightless can quickly improve your options. Learn how to be debt-free-quickly, save for retirement, minimize student loans, and even eliminate your mortgage payment. What would it be like to keep your earned income instead of paying everyone but yourself? To get started, call us at 866-739-6768 or schedule a chat with us from the website.

 ¹References Available Upon Request.
Weightless is a passionately committed education company that offers a curriculum of fun and easy-to-follow lessons about every aspect of money and finance. We are building a world-class education academy with amazing program solutions and products for our clients that help build a balanced and successful MoneyLife™.

Every one of our clients is different. Some are very wealthy and need help protecting their assets. Some are getting ready to retire. Others are struggling to make ends meet and need help getting out from under a mountain of debt obligations. Many families need help building and protecting their finances from unexpected challenges. Weightless has access to and works with law firms, debt relief programs, insurance, tax solutions, credit score reparation, retirement plans, and many other services to help you get your MoneyLife moving in the right direction.

A MoneyLife is how you live and function with the income (& financial assets) accumulated over your lifetime. Whether you are starting at the age of 20 or you are 65 and ready to retire, we all have a MoneyLife. By engaging with the five Weightless anchors, our clients can implement changes that will change and improve their MoneyLife. If you didn’t have a plan before, now you have a plan to help you succeed, grow, and reach your MoneyLife goals.

Simply, call us or set an appointment to talk to us. We have trained staff to answer your questions or help you find an answer to your money problems. You will be speaking with a Qualifying Specialist; it’s their job to help you sort out the path of service you need. The good news is they are not going to pressure you or try and sell you something (well, we will encourage you to start our Weightless Academy for free). We will ask you a series of questions so we can help get you to the right Weightless senior staff. No matter what your challenge is, we can’t assist or guide you if you don’t call. So take action and engage with Weightless to improve your MoneyLife!

About Weightless Academy

From Our CEO & Founder: “Welcome to Weightless! Oddly, money and the management of money is a necessary part of everyone’s life. Yet, finance is not taught in schools with any consistency. Here in the good ol’ USA, the national motto for financial education is “Figure it out yourself.” As a financial professional, the most common issue I saw with clients was the high level of illiteracy when it came to money management. At the Weightless Academy, we provide people with the educational tools they need to change their financial outcomes. Start with learning how to recognize how your thinking, behavior, and actions with money can help or harm your financial success.

The Weightless Academy is a tool for every Adult, helping to collapse the barrier of financial illiteracy. By using five simple principles, people can create a balanced MoneyLife™. If you’re skeptical, just not sure, or think it’s not for you, why not give it a try? We give you the first two weeks or four (4) lessons for free. After that, keep going for $21 a month or stop anytime, there is no obligation or high-pressure sales pitch. REGISTER HERE and get started changing your MoneyLife™!
To get started with the Weightless Academy, go HERE to register. Provide your first and last name, email address -and an optional phone number- for chatting with Weightless. We believe in keeping things straightforward while equipping you with the necessary resources for your financial journey. Be sure to call us to learn more about our other programs, available to clients needing immediate help with their finances.
Our courses are designed to be flexible. Initially, we will release two education pieces per week. Weightless understands that your time is valuable and that studying about finance needs to come in small doses to get started. Each topic-based presentation is interactive and five to six minutes long. Our goal is to present a small amount of information each week for your first lessons. As you progress, we will open up the levels for you to learn at a quicker pace. Once you register, you will gain access to our weekly course releases. As we continue to expand our curriculum, you will have access to all the materials needed for a balanced and successful MoneyLife™.
Currently, there are no prerequisites. Our educational content is available in English. However, in the near future, our entire Website and our Academy curriculum will have Spanish language support.
Currently, our curriculum is being released gradually, with a few lessons becoming available each week. The reason for this? Simple, we don’t want you reading/watching a lesson and then forgetting about it when you immediately move on to the next lesson. By participating in just a few lessons each week and applying those lessons to your daily routine, you have a better chance of making changes to your MoneyLife behaviors and habits. The goal is to help you make changes in your perceptions and use of money. We don’t want you to be a student with us so that you can binge-watch 100+ lessons and not learn anything from them. As you move through the lessons, you will have more information to use and learn from. We designed and planned the lessons so you can go back to the classes and reinforce what you have learned. Remember, getting a formal education and degree in a subject takes several years to become knowledgeable. Learning about finance and changing spending and saving behaviors is no different. Do a little bit at a time, you will have a greater level of success.
Online learning is a superior method of improving your Money Know-How. With Weightless, literacy is inexpensive and life-changing. Our curriculum is specifically designed to be fun and quick! Let’s face it: money can be overwhelming, tedious, and often stressful. But with Weightless Academy, it is an affordable $21 a month to learn from over 100 interactive lessons covering the five MoneyLife Anchors. Don’t hesitate to press past any doubts you may have. There are no contracts, no expensive up-front costs, and you can cancel anytime if you don’t see the value. Get started changing your MoneyLife today.
We love additional questions, you have three options: email us, call us, or set an appointment. Simply scroll to the bottom of our webpage and you will see the contact information you need.
In our program, we view assignments in a different light. Rather than traditional tasks, we provide opportunities for you to actively learn about the world of finance through our five anchors. The Academy anchors break finance into five areas that you can use in everyday life. Together, we will strategize and plan your path to a successful and balanced MoneyLife™. Your real assignment is achieving lasting financial success, and we are here to support you.
Weightless pays attention to the finance industry and the pulse of America’s personal finances. The purpose of the Academy is to provide a simple process for anyone to learn about money management. The subject is more complex than most people understand. So our goal was to create a simplified system that allows everyone a fair chance of learning what they need to know to find a successful and balanced MoneyLife. Go to our registration page and get started today!
Absolutely! We would love to see our young adults learning about finance. We are excited to announce that we have plans to develop a comprehensive High School program with dedicated lessons. We have an array of exciting initiatives in mind. Anyone over the age of 15 can benefit from these lessons.
Weightless recognizes a significant problem in America: traditional colleges are not addressing the financial illiteracy that affects nearly 50% of its citizens. While we understand the purpose and value of accreditation, it is not a requirement for our platform. However, we are proud members of the NFEC (National Financial Educators Council), with many of our staff members holding NFEC certificates of education. This, along with our Executive Team -and numerous staff members being licensed in various financial service fields, make a great equation for helping you succeed.

The primary focus of our program is to equip you with practical knowledge that you can immediately apply to your life. Rather than providing certificates that end up forgotten on walls, our goal is for you to walk away with valuable information that you can actively utilize in your financial journey.

There is no set schedule, you can log in and work the classes at your own pace. The goal is to help you learn and change the way you think, act, and behave with your hard-earned money. Reading information and forgetting about it two minutes later is a waste of time. Our presentations are short -only a few minutes- lessons. The goal is for you to walk away with one new piece of information with each class. Information you will remember and can use to improve your MoneyLife. 

While we do incorporate questions and thought-provoking exercises to engage you with the topics, we do not administer formal tests or exams. We believe that true proof of learning lies in the implementation of the concepts and strategies discussed. Our aim is for you to collaborate with us, apply what you’ve learned, and witness the positive impact on your MoneyLife™. After all, tangible results and financial success are far more meaningful than traditional tests or quizzes.

About Weightless Programs

Hello, I am Bruce Kennedy, CEO and Founder of Weightless Financial. Welcome. People struggle because they don’t know. My personal experience with thousands of people taught me a valuable lesson: what people don’t know will harm them. Especially when it comes to money. If you want to change your future- start learning how to better manage your MoneyLife™. The Weightless Academy will allow you to learn what’s possible with your existing finances. You don’t have to have a PhD in finance to get started. We purposely priced our Academy to be affordable for anyone: $21 a month. Next up, call Weightless and start a financial analysis with our program advisors- evaluate exactly where and how you are using your income. There is no cost and no obligation, no high-pressure sales, just education. Weightless has an expansive network of resources, products, and programs that can fast-track your ability to start accumulating assets and building wealth. Your first priority should be to eliminate negative debt. If you’re obligated to make debt payments, it restricts your ability to pay yourself. How can you change your financial outcome if all your income is being spent on debts? There is so much to know, and so many great lessons to learn! Get started with us today.
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