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The Weightless Academy allows you to:

Achieve a state of
financial symmetry
that positively
impacts your overall
Develop your
financial insight,
cutting across
every facet of
financial decision-making.
Be empowered to gain control of your finances, reaching your own financial success.
We asked ourselves, “What are the five areas of finance people need to know to succeed with their earned income or business revenue?” In the end, we broke the topic of money into five areas that affect everyone throughout their life. Here are the five anchors:

Our Academy Anchors

Cash Flow Creation™
Using the changes you have learned in Money MindSet™ and Money Know-How™, get ready to increase your cashflow! Opening Doors to a bigger MoneyLife™!
Clean Slate Initiative™
Identify bad money habits and behaviors cleaning the old ways of looking at money, eliminating debts, and changing behaviors so you can start with a clean slate.

Ready to Master your MoneyLife?


Weightless recognizes a significant problem in America, traditional colleges are not addressing the financial illiteracy that affects nearly 50% of its citizens. While we understand the purpose and value of accreditation, it is not a requirement for our platform. However, we are proud members of the NFEC (National Financial Educators Council), with many of our staff members holding NFEC certificates of education. This, along with our Executive Team -and numerous staff members- being licensed in various financial service fields make a great equation for helping you succeed
To get started with the Weightless Academy, go HERE to register. Provide your first and last name, email address -and an optional phone number- for chatting with Weightless. We believe in keeping things straightforward while equipping you with the necessary resources for your financial journey. Be sure to call us to learn more about our other programs, available to clients needing immediate help with their finances.
Our courses are designed to be flexible. Initially, we will release two education pieces per week. Weightless understands that your time is valuable and that studying about finance needs to come in small doses to get started. Each topic-based presentation is interactive and five to six minutes long. Our goal is to present a small amount of information each week for your first lessons. As you progress, we will open up the levels for you to learn at a quicker pace. Once you register, you will gain access to our weekly course releases. As we continue to expand our curriculum, you will have access to all the materials needed for a balanced and successful MoneyLife™.
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