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Do Debt Relief Programs Actually Help?

Discover the secrets about Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy. Save yourself any regret and learn the maze before you make a decision.

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Save yourself thousands of dollars in cost by learning all the facts:

  • Avoid the potential hurdles of settlement, where your monthly payment used to pay the negotiated debt could be consumed by the cost charged by the program.
  • Reduce risks and increase your chances of successful debt relief by exposing potential problems or unforeseen events before they occur.
  • Minimize credit score damage by learning the ins and outs of debt programs.

Watch out for these hidden secrets with bankruptcy and settlement options.

Are you overwhelmed by debt?
You're not on your own!

How do you know what the best solution is when your debt obligations become overwhelming? Is it important for you to know exactly what you’re getting into before you get started?

How can you make good decisions about debt relief or other financial concerns if you don’t know what is behind the curtain? At Weightless we are dedicated to educate you first.

Our mission is simple: Provide our clients with the education, tools, and resources to fast-track their journey to a balanced and successful MoneyLife™.

 Find a successful path that’s right for you.

Check out just a few of the program options available. 

Debt Resolution Program: An attorney-based program. Have the full support of a licensed law firm that has the legal standing to dispute your debts instead of negotiate your debts. Often resulting in the potential annulment of monies owed to your creditors. Contact us to learn all the details.

Debt Settlement: Learn how it works before you jump in. There are some positives to this program, but you must be careful with the small print before you sign a contract. Get the facts first from Weightless.

Federal Student Loan Program: Crack the code to reducing your student loan obligations. Learn what D.O.E. (Dept of Education) programs are available to help get your debt forgiven and your monthly payment reduced.

Credit Scoring: Debt relief programs will initially have a negative effect on your credit scores. Evaluate and understand the correlation between debt relief, credit scores, and how quickly you can recover.

Looking for some answers and relief?

Feeling the stress and frustration of living paycheck to paycheck? Your not alone- 62% of Americans are in the same position.

Witness first hand the joy and relief our clients feel in their own words.

“Bryan, my gratitude knows no bounds. I was on the brink of bankruptcy, but you presented me with a viable alternative, and the weight on my shoulders has lifted completely! I can’t express how relieved I feel right now!”


“Sheri was a gem. She took the time to explain the complete process. Our future has changed due to her care and follow through on making the program work for us. We could not be more thankful!”

Jeniffer & Jason

“Thank you, Weightless Financial, for taking the time to help me understand my finances and the massive impact that not knowing has on every aspect of my life. Had I known then what I know now? I can’t thank you enough!!”

Jen R

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