Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck?
Working multiple jobs to make ends meet?

Use the Weightless Academy and our select programs that can teach you to effectively create more cashflow.

With the Cash Flow Creation™ course:

You obtain clarity on where your income is
going and make conscious spending

You learn to review and modify your
expenditure mindset, optimizing cash
flow for wealth growth.

You achieve financial empowerment by taking control of your finances, increase cash flow,
and build a solid foundation for the future.

Main objectives of the course:

This course will help you recognize where your income is going. Are you using it on things that generate more money, or are you spending it all? If you are trapped in a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, let the Weightless Academy help you make some improvements to your cash-flow. Consider Starbucks™ Coffee. What habits do you have with Starbucks (or some other vice) where you spend your income? Millions of people spend thousands of dollars yearly on unconscious, satisfying “wants,” then wonder why they are short of cash. Learn cashflow methods from our novice level to our graduate level classes. Get in tune and learn to live a balanced and successful MoneyLife™.

What do you learn?

Take a deeper dive into how you can redirect your income and increase your opportunities for greater cash flow, generating consistent wealth over time.

What is the next step after
this course?

Now that you've finished the Cash Flow Creation™.
course, it's time to take your financial journey to
the next level
with Lesson four: Clean Slate Initiative™.

Go from owing money to creating wealth opportunities. Get a fresh start with a Clean Slate!

With Clean Slate Initiative course:

You empower yourself to transform your
financial life.

You have the opportunity to start fresh and build
a solid foundation for your financial future.

You get a comprehensive education that
covers various aspects of financial well-being

Main objectives of the course:

The objective of the clean slate initiative is based on your progress in the first three anchors. By working on your Money MindSet™, Money Know-How™, and Cash Flow Creation™, you are learning to reconsider how you use your money, which sets the stage for a clean slate.

This initiative involves evaluating your debt and its impact on your life. It takes into account your thinking and behaviors with money, your factual knowledge about money, and the level of cash flow you have to create a brand new financial future, your MoneyLife™.

What do you learn?

Valuable lessons about starting fresh. For example, you will discover how to create an emergency cash fund to avoid relying on credit cards during unexpected events or emergencies.

How to use financial products that leverage your ability to grow, protect and accumulate wealth while minimizing risk, loss, and taxes. Expand your horizons and learn how to prepare to live in a MoneyLife of balance and success.

What is the next step after this course?

Now that you have completed the Money MindsetTM, Money Know-HowTM and Cash Flow CreationTM courses, it's time to take the next step towards financial independence with the next lesson: Money Magnet™.

For us, it's essential you learn about how to improve
your relationship with money!

But also, we have a group of experts who can help you with your specific financial needs and challenges:


Online learning is a superior method of improving your Money Know-How. With Weightless, literacy is inexpensive and life-changing. Our curriculum is specifically designed to be fun and quick! Let’s face it: money can be overwhelming, tedious, and often stressful. But with Weightless Academy, it is an affordable $21 a month to learn from over 100 interactive lessons covering the five MoneyLife Anchors. Don’t hesitate to press past any doubts you may have. There are no contracts, no expensive up-front costs, and you can cancel anytime if you don’t see the value. Get started changing your MoneyLife today.
We love additional questions, you have three options: email us, call us, or set an appointment. Simply scroll to the bottom of our webpage and you will see the contact information you need.

There is no set schedule, you can log in and work the classes at your own pace. The goal is to help you learn and change the way you think, act, and behave with your hard earned money. Reading information and forgetting about it two minutes later is a waste of time. Our presentations are short -only a few minutes- lessons. The goal is for you to walk away with one new piece of information with each class. Information you will remember and can use to improve your MoneyLife™. 

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