Our Company goal12.5 Million People Thriving Without Debt

A small honor for us to achieve.
A giant relief for Americans to receive.

Our Vision:Focused & Clear

  1. 1

    Help People Live Debt Free

    Our vision of being debt free doesn’t mean twenty years from now. It means ASAP—because life is waiting to be lived!

  2. 2

    Teach Everyone How Money Works

    Financial literacy is NOT taught in schools. This fact creates a lifelong burden. To bring real, lasting relief, we always begin with a financial education.

  3. 3

    Position Families To Start Building Wealth

    Our vision goes beyond living debt free. Our standard of thriving means leveraging smart, proven strategies to build a brighter future.

My client, Siboney, will save around $500 a month and will be free from $44,185 in debt after 37 months. Our work is so rewarding!

– Jacqueline, Financial Professional on behalf of her client, Siboney

Our Mission:Big & Simple

We’re helping 12.5 million people go from a life of debt to a future of wealth.

Why 12.5 million? Simple. It’s the combined population of the two largest U.S. cities—Los Angeles on the West Coast and New York on the East. Our mission is to rescue that many people coast-to-coast. We’re helping them live without debt and start building a life that matches their dreams. That’s how we put a dent in the financial crisis of personal debt in America.

Our Goal For America:12.5 million people living debt free

Los Angeles - Population 3.98 million New York - Population 8.34 million

"The Weightless mission reaches out to licensed financial professionals and their clients across the nation, offering education, services, and products that can help millions of Americans enjoy debt relief, create cash flow, and pursue wealth accumulation."

– Bruce Kennedy, Founder/CEO, Weightless

Our mission is personal. Just ask our clients...

Mr. Perez / Houston, TX

"Working with Weightless and your partners has helped me eliminate my debts. The money I save each month has allowed me to set up a proper financial plan for my family. I feel so relieved, I'm "Weightless!"

Mr. Onitsha / Sacramento, CA

"After my Dad passed away, Weightless was there to help me and my sisters get through all the financial challenges. You went above and beyond the call to get us in a position with a positive financial future."

Why The Name: 'Weightless'

We simply asked our clients how they felt after gaining relief from their debt, protecting their families financially, and starting to build wealth for the future. Their answer is now our name.

Merriam-Webster Logo

Definition for Weightless: lacking apparent gravitational pull

Company Strength: Experience & Determination

Weightless Financial was established in March of 2018.

Although the company itself is young, the founders, innovators, and executives behind the company have decades of experience helping people with debt and their financial well-being.

The backbone of our organization is our affiliation with thousands of financial professionals and financial service companies across the country, including Wealthwave, Symmetry, Afortus, and many more.

Our educational and technology platforms are state-of-the-art. By working in affiliation with financial professionals across the United States, Weightless has access to every possible resource needed to help our clients find and plan for financial success.

Company Stability: A Variety of Resources & Commitment

The stability of a company stems from its resources and its people. Weightless is well-equipped with both.

The Weightless management team has over sixty years of combined experience in insurance, securities, debt assistance, and other financial services. Our stability doesn’t come from individual efforts or licensing; it comes from our partnerships with companies that have been operating for more than five decades.

We protect and support our clients by using more than one resource to get the job done. No matter what your focus, Weightless is strong enough to carry you across the finish line.

We helped Patricia put $595 back into her monthly budget, allowing her to save enough to reach her retirement goal date of 2027. She eliminated debt, increased cash flow, and can now accumulate wealth.

– Andy, Financial Professional on behalf of his client, Patricia

With our service, Madison reduced the interest he was paying on six student loan accounts by over $60k and he will be debt free in four years instead of 20 years. The client couldn’t be happier.

– Stephaniey, Financial Professional on behalf of her client, Madison

Are you living in debt? We see you.Let our mission to help 12.5 million people continue with you.

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