Do you think that achieving financial freedom is a matter of luck or skill?

Financial success is not only about know-how, luck, or skill.
It’s how you think, behave, and act with your money- your MoneyLife™!


Discover how thinking, behavior, and actions can steer the results of your MoneyLife. Join our academy and explore how daily finance choices can deeply affect your MoneyLife™!
Our programs and learning tools are just what the doctor ordered to change your financial future.

What can you achieve by improving your MoneyLife™ skills? Get started with our Weightless Academy

Financial information can be boring. But not with Weightless! We give you the power to cultivate well-being by helping you change your wealth mindset.

Become your own protagonist – the hero of your own financial success story by learning to master your MoneyLife! Get started today.

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We are all over the U.S.A!

Achieve a successful MoneyLife no matter where you are

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And last but not least…remember that you can become financially conscious and responsible through reading. Check out our Blog to really advance your learning curve.


Money Smarts for Kids: The Importance of Financial Education

Discover why teaching kids about money early on is essential and how it can empower them to make smart financial decisions for life.

The Debt Dilemma: How Carrying Debt Makes Retirement A Dream

Explore the impact of debt on retirement planning and discover why eliminating debt is essential for securing your financial future.

The Five-Second Choice: Making Smart Money Moves

Delve into the psychological dynamics of financial behavior, money management, and the impact of the Five-Second Choice theory on shaping your MoneyLife.


Weightless is a passionately committed education company that offers a curriculum of fun and easy-to-follow lessons about every aspect of money and finance. We are building a world-class education academy with amazing program solutions and products for our clients that help build a balanced and successful MoneyLife™.

A MoneyLife is how you live and function with the income (& financial assets) accumulated over your lifetime. Whether you are starting at the age of 20 or you are 65 and ready to retire, we all have a MoneyLife. By engaging with the five Weightless anchors, our clients can implement changes that will change and improve their MoneyLife. If you didn’t have a plan before, now you have a plan to help you succeed, grow, and reach your MoneyLife goals.

Simply, call us or set an appointment to talk to us. We have trained staff to answer your questions or help you find an answer to your money problems. You will be speaking with a Qualifying Specialist; it’s their job to help you sort out the path of service you need. The good news is they are not going to pressure you or try and sell you something (well, we will encourage you to start our Weightless Academy for free). We will ask you a series of questions so we can help get you to the right Weightless senior staff. No matter what your challenge is, we can’t assist or guide you if you don’t call. So take action and engage with Weightless to improve your MoneyLife!
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Knowledge does not always drive the outcome, let's work together so that you learn how behavior is an integral part of your financial life.
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